Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Story Of Blue!


Cheryl and David came to me very worried about their lovely bedlington who was having real behaviour problems he was very nervous, frightened and had issues with other dogs. The more he miss behaved the more nervous Cheryl become on meeting other dogs she had little control!!  I introduced Cheryl to clicker training and “Blue” joined our ring craft classes for socialisation. Poor “Blue” has had bad experiences at another club in puppy  classes, rather than trying to over come  the problem he was sent into  the corner when he miss -behaved. Cheryl eventually got a private trainer  whose strict approach in handling the dog just made him worse!! ”’Blue” came to us extremely nervous and his reactions was to bark wildly at any dog that came to close. Very slowly with a lot of encouragement and learning basic commands he has really improved, he is now integrating well with other dogs in the class and out on walks. This week he has reached another milestone and started agility lessons. “Blue” still has to learn he can have fun, The most import lessons now are gaining his confidence, it is going to take time but he is  a much happier boy. “Blue” will be joining our more advanced obedience class next month.

photo 2

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