Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fun Work Shop Sunday February 16th 5-6pm Brailes Village Hall


Click & Tricks



We are running an extra fun work shop for all dogs on Sunday 16th February 5-6 pm. The work shop will be  instructed by  Demelza van der Lans.
Demelza lives in Holland is a very experienced dog owner and handler will be visiting the UK for a meeting that weekend and has very kindly offered to run this exciting fun workshop. There will be no charge for the workshop,expenses will be met by club funds. Unfortunately due to the nature of the workshop Demelza can only take 7 dogs/puppies. Places will be reserved on a first come basis. To book your place please contact me at

A workshop Clicks & Tricks. The emphasis will be on having fun with your dog. Letting your dog think for itself, trying to figure out what you want him or her to do.
We won’t be teaching normal stuff like a sit or lie down. No, we will be teaching them fun tricks. And maybe, just maybe, your dog will tell you about a new trick you hadn’t thought of yet!
All you need to bring is:
  • your dog
  • a favourite tug toy ( don't let your dog play with it the week before the workshop)
  • loads of super yummy treats (cheese, hot-dog, chicken, etc.)
  • a good mood
We’ll take care of the rest!
I hope to see you there!
Demelza van der Lans.

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